What is currently happening in the United Kingdom? 

What is currently happening in the United Kingdom? 

Knowledge is power 

Do you know enough about the current hot politics topics in the United Kingdom? If you said no, then do not worry too much, as I will try to quickly bring you the newest updates. I think that there are too many people who do not know enough about the current situation in their country, so I am trying to fix that little by little. 

Maybe this will motivate citizens to look more into what is happening around them. It might seem impossible to keep up with everything, so I tried to keep only basic information. However, it will still keep you informed about everything. So, let’s begin.


May’s accusations  

Theresa May is back in the spotlight again. Now she has warned many European leaders to keep their eyes open and be careful. Why? Well, she is talking about Russia. May does not trust the leader of that country, as she considers him to be a threat to Europe’s security.  

She wants to work together with other leaders to decide what to do with the current situation. May does not believe that Putin should just be left to do whatever he wants. We can only wait for further news regarding this.  

Something nice to think about 

I would like to bring some happiness to you before I continue talking about the stressful politics of the United Kingdom. It seems that so many people are waiting for the Christmas cards from famous politicians. It can be quite nice to see your favourite politician’s family near a Christmas tree. 

I think that we all need a little bit of the Christmas spirit sometimes. Watch some Christmas movies, eat cookies, and get some festive promotions for online casino games! It is time to feel the beauty of the holidays! 

Even more of Theresa 

We need to get back to Theresa May for a second, as she plays a major role in politics. This time it is about Brexit. May has said that she is fine with the idea of paying more money to meet the European Union’s 60 billion euros divorce bill requirements.  

This just shows how serious May is about moving forward with Brexit. The negotiations are coming back, as Theresa May keeps meeting up with other politicians to discuss various possibilities and options to finally end Brexit. There is so much that I could write about Brexit, but you need to read it yourself and create your own opinion regarding this. It is quite a sensitive topic, so be sure to know where you stand. 

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