Should we have another Brexit referendum

Should we have another Brexit referendum

We are be willing to bet that if another Brexit referendum would be held today, the result would be overwhelmingly in favor of staying in the EU. Take into account all of the lies that have been revealed, the knowledge people have gained. Of course, this is only a speculation and we won’t be dwelling on it.
The question is this, should there be another referendum?

The Reality of Our Choices

Politics is no game. Maybe the brits just wanted to stick it to the overloads in the Brussels, maybe they really believed they are gaining less than receiving in value.

We are not blaming anyone. We know how frustrating it is. And that’s why people voted.

But given the tiny margin of the vote, should it count? Should it be taken in face value when the vote goes 49 to 51. That’s where democracy fails. When such a massive decision is on the line, a vote as close as this should mean that more information is needed and a second referendum must be held. Because if you do go forward with the Article 50, half of the country will be furious.

However, the Brits did go forward. Is there a turning back? Is it like a roulette wheel? Free spins where once the button has been clicked, there is no turning back. Or, if enough people would show their support, could the UK stop the process which will affect millions of young Brits in a negative way?”

In fact, it could. But it is critical to repeat ‘if enough people would show their support’.


Because today you can hear many stories about the shifted minds of the leave voters. But these are individual stories that in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter.

For a new vote, for the process of Brexit stopped before the fatal May of 2019, people must stand up and raise their voices.

Knowing how humans work, we will wait until mid-May 2019 to start, or we’ll go to the streets en masse in June, 2019.


The shortest and simplest way to conclude this article we came up with was: in a few years, US will recover from Trump. But leaving the EU will negatively affect British people and their economy for decades.

However, there is still hope. There is still room to fix the situation. If you let the politicians decide for themselves, you are kidding yourself if you think they will do the right thing. They will be fine. Look at them. Corbin, 68, May, 61, Farage, 53. They are 60-year old millionaire lords. They will be fine either way. The people will have to soak up all the damage.

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