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    We closed the restaurant tonight. When we are out like that, Im just one of the guys then too. They all tease and hover over me in that way so we are a big family! The outdoor party was being set up when we arrived with the clouds looking a little threatening. The Suncoasts room is set up in a half moon style with three levels of tables and padded booths that reminded me of photographs of old Las Vegas showrooms Ive seen.

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    Bobby is usually pretty good at picking horses, but I think he only broke even on them that day. Ricci invited us all over to his room where the card party was forgotten since there was just no room to have it, and instead we all brought over our own drinks, and snacks and had a bit of a laugh. Z actually attempted to get close enough to the cage to get his photo with it but jumped away quickly when the Tiger growled. (Except for Jimi and Jerry who are getting a ride from them tomorrow back to OHare airport!) A shout out to Eds daughter Mia as well who stuck with us pretty well! . Jimi and both Bobbys and I had a drink at the bar and then scattered into the casino to try our luck.

    escort moi niagara falls

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    "MMK" tackles domestic violence this Saturday". It was raining out so everyone could just go at their leisure. Ricci, of course being the star of the show is already at the Old Mill most likely in his suite or dining on some of the wonderful salmon they serve over there in the dining room. Sound check done, and Im sure the catering staff is cursing me for sitting at a table they wanted to set up while I had all my notes and camera equipment all over it placelibertinr net libertin touching the silverware. We overtook the small room in the back and Jose our barman made sure to take extra special care. Most of us have early flights tomorrow so it was a short night and weve been out on the road now for 5 days so I think we are ready! . When we arrived at the airport the band was already running a bit behind and fretted they wouldnt make their flight. "Manilyn Reynes and Gio Alvarez topbill Halloween special of Maalaala Mo Kaya".

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    Tonights Meet and Greet I had some of the most colorful characters come to the table. Archived from the original on June 16, 2011. It was during the Q A that Ricci had Montana come out from the stage wings so he could introduce her. "story OF three GAY MEN held hostage BY rebels IN "MMK". But surprise, surprise as we walked down to the lobby tonight we not only saw our van waiting for us but a nice shiny Milwaukee Police car with all its lights flaring. . I just got the call from Bobby F and they are tired and hungry. We walked back to the elevators after finding the restaurant much too crowded for any conversation and he told me about his plight going through customs. We were not disappointed in the least!